Digital Proof

Back at the cafe’ I come to. It’s becoming a routine. One croissant, one black coffee. Gather my thoughts, re-read my notes, think of what music I’m into for this post and then off to the races. It has to be house. Something electronic. Some sort of beat created with the push of a few buttons and synthesized on a computer, or some other device of which I do not know much about. Continue reading “Digital Proof”

Work it. The Scene.

I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world at a young age due to my father’s job. Like my sister and I say, every so often we start getting itchy feet and want to move elsewhere. For now, my home is Detroit. Yet, I can’t deny that even after almost 5 years, I see it from a tourist’s perspective.

I observe with the eyes of an outsider. I draw parallels between different worlds, be it the striking differences between Palmer Woods and the 7 Mile homes (just one street that divides these two areas) or between Europe and the States – yes, I am half Italian and half American, and I compare the two frequently. Also a Third Culture Kid? Well because I lived in Asia for 10 years, 5 of which in China.

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