Time ago in Business School I studied something that I’ve carried with me ever since. It was regarding cultures worldwide and how each country had their management styles as consequence of it.

And what my peers and I had to analyze was how do people answer “Who are you?”

Essentially, some cultures would answer it by giving you a business card title, whereas others would give you their character traits. I like the latter.

Born in the US, did most of my schooling in Asia, in Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing, and lived in Italy for a good decade, I consider myself an offspring of Globalization.

The “American” when I’m in Italy, the “Italian” when I’m in the US.  And an awkward long-winded answer when I’m anywhere else.

But the constant changing, and my father’s “never stop questioning” remark at home built my curiosity. Sometimes the curiosity could have killed the cat. I’ll stick to it though, it has driven me this far.

Curiosity, the soul of this site. Exploring the power to move it.

Explorers long before you and I would set sail to unknown lands attempting to go through the Northwest passage, reach South America, or arrive to the Far East. Through their travels they would learn. They would explore. The Explorer has not changed. Documenting through travelling, photographing to learn.

I like aesthetically pleasing visualizations. I play the saxophone from time to time. Or should I say I bother the neighbors with loud noises from time to time. After completing numerous art classes in school I went on to studying architecture; that was my dream, before switching to business.

But I’ve always kept that passion and admiration for the arts, and in particular artists. The dedication of practicing an instrument, the patience with drawing perfectly straight lines, the different lead pencils, the paper weights, the perseverance of creating something that just wasn’t there before, and the drive to face the challenges in a ‘business-oriented society’.

Photography is my medium of choice, and street and documentary are my preferred styles. I photograph. I then read, write, edit on the computer, print images in the darkroom, connect with other photographers, watch videos online, watch documentary movies on photographers, buy collection works, visit galleries and everything else that I can try to get my hands on regarding photography.

But what I am really doing is ‘Discovery through Photography’. Capturing the life around; unaltered. No bullshit. Straight up; it is what it is. It was what it was.

That’s what you’ll get from the blog. That’s what you’ll see in my photography, be it 24 or 36 images in the galleries, 500 or 5000 words in the posts.


Thanks for reading and viewing.

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