Fire to Snow

How do you feel about queues? About waiting in line? About that inner feeling of getting ahead, but at the same time being respectful and courteous as society has taught us to be?

Finally on the flight that will take my wife and I to Paris, for a whole 13 hours. I haven’t been to Paris in some 15 years, and my wife probably the same amount. The country of Bresson. Continue reading “Fire to Snow”

Colorless Landscapes

The color has been removed! The green has been replaced by white. The grey? By white. The blue? By white. The autumn colors? By white. It has all been replaced by white as it snows outside. The first snow of the season. It’s a little late on arrival, but who’s complaining?

Detroit never disappoints. Snow, coffee, Bach in the background.

Colorless Landscapes. Or should I call them monochromatic? Or black and white? Continue reading “Colorless Landscapes”

Digital Proof

Back at the cafe’ I come to. It’s becoming a routine. One croissant, one black coffee. Gather my thoughts, re-read my notes, think of what music I’m into for this post and then off to the races. It has to be house. Something electronic. Some sort of beat created with the push of a few buttons and synthesized on a computer, or some other device of which I do not know much about. Continue reading “Digital Proof”