Street Style

Portraits. Photos that should capture the essence and spirit of the subject. Studio photographers go to great lengths in trying to capture just that. They might ask the subject to look down for three seconds and then lift their head straight to the camera, or they may have the person close their eyes and think of their favorite color, vacation, etc.

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Capturing the Mafia

As photographers we often ask ourselves whether or not we should press that shutter button. In street photography that question comes up more times than not, and it takes time to overcome that initial fear.

Questions spinning around endlessly. Should I? What if he sees me? What if she calls the police? What if they simply ask what I’m doing? What will a parent say if you photograph their children having fun in a water fountain?

What if they’re a member of an organized crime clan? What if they exchange me for the police? Will they shoot me? Or politely ask me to remove the photograph? And what if I am shooting with film?

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On Trade-Off

It’s still dark outside. The little French-inspired cafe’ I come to is empty, croissants all neatly organized in the baskets, coffee pots ready to help the sleepers wake up, and some music playing in the background. After the owner and I exchange our usual pleasantries I cover the background music with some BB King. The Thrill is Gone, comes on. Ironic, ’cause the the thrill is not gone’. I love waking up early on Saturdays, while the world sleeps, and coming here to discover through photography.

I thought about the following idea early-on when I was first getting started. I was applying photography, the art, the form, the technical aspects, to other aspects of life. I was trying to find correlations between totally different fields to maybe learn quicker, maybe to be more thorough, maybe to experiment, or maybe I was just being curious. Continue reading “On Trade-Off”