The Power of the Bracelet

On August 9th I volunteered at the Medical Mission Detroit.

Another discovery through photography. Another item to research. I volunteered, as a photographer, but really had no idea what  I was going to witness.

The alarm sounds at 4:30 am. It’s always cool here in Detroit, even in the summer. Quick breakfast, got ready, packed my gear, and headed out.

What was I doing? Where was I going? What would I see and what would it leave me?

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Cold Cold Feeling

I wasn’t expecting it to be that cold. Iceland.

While I write I have Albert Collins’ “Cold Cold Feeling” playing in the background. A storm is in full effect outside in typical Detroit fashion. Perfect.

My wife, an Italian friend we met here in Detroit, and I went to Iceland this summer for a week. We traveled 2400 km with a reliable Dacia Duster and saw a large part of the mysterious island. Continue reading “Cold Cold Feeling”

Bill’s Love Story

I moved to Detroit in 2013, in January. I remember landing and oddly enough it was 18 degrees C and recall the taxi driver stating that he “loved this global warming shit”. I couldn’t argue given that my expectations would then turn to reality the day after. Minus an awful lot of degrees. It was freezing.

Went to work the next Monday. A new place, a new work environment, a new everything. The snow. I was amazed by the piles and piles of snow on the side of the road. I had relocated, I was here. Detroit.

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