Work it. The Scene.

I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world at a young age due to my father’s job. Like my sister and I say, every so often we start getting itchy feet and want to move elsewhere. For now, my home is Detroit. Yet, I can’t deny that even after almost 5 years, I see it from a tourist’s perspective.

I observe with the eyes of an outsider. I draw parallels between different worlds, be it the striking differences between Palmer Woods and the 7 Mile homes (just one street that divides these two areas) or between Europe and the States – yes, I am half Italian and half American, and I compare the two frequently. Also a Third Culture Kid? Well because I lived in Asia for 10 years, 5 of which in China.

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From the Inside Out

So this is it, the first post on this new journey. A funnel, a collector, a dispenser of information. I can’t say I know where this is headed, but I can say that I have a will to learn and share, hence the funnel and dispenser.

I wish to learn through photography.

Yes. Learn about our society, history and economics, with a twist of culture and customs to brighten the load.

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